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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Monday, September 27, 2021

You feel as if the Universe is giving you a nudge right now. At this point, impatience is a virtue. You`re tired of the way things have been going and you`re ready to do something about it. Be sure to make a plan before you make a major change. The manner in which you approach the situation could mean the difference between success and failure. Be careful not to do more than your share of the work -- in all your eagerness, you may end up doing someone else`s job for them.
You know your own mind so well that you start projecting thoughts into other people`s heads. Be careful what you wish for -- you have a very good chance at getting it! Fun and romance go hand in hand tonight. Seduction is your strong suit at the moment, so use all of your charm to lure that special someone into your arms. Even as you satisfy yourself, be sure to use your powers for the good of all.

If you can`t say something nice, sometimes it`s better not to say anything at all, Gemini. A rumor you started begins to eclipse the truth when too many people hear it. Damage control starts with your inner circle. If you hurt someone close to you in the process, talk to them as soon as possible. The longer you wait to apologize, the worse their reaction will be. Once you have the story straight, figure out how to keep the problem from recurring.
You have been bursting at the seams ever since you took on an exciting assignment, but you don`t have to keep it to yourself any longer. This is the moment to reveal the secret project over which you`ve labored. No explanation is necessary. You`ll be able to tell from your audience`s reaction whether or not they get it. Later in the day, you learn that someone of great importance has gotten wind of your accomplishments. Prepare to accept an offer.

If you can`t see it, then maybe it isn`t really there, right? Distract yourself from the world`s petty annoyances by any means possible. This is one of the few occasions when denial is a healthy filter for unwanted noise. Daydreaming is a good pastime. If you don`t have a partner with whom you can escape, a good book or movie does just as well. Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy is just what you need to do tonight.
You feel ready for anything. You hit the ground running, fueled by a blaze of high energy. Over the next few days, you have the power to make your life conform to your vision of how it should be. If you don`t have a vision yet, start dreaming. It`s never too early to start planning the rest of your life. This is the perfect time to live out your dreams. Once you take the first step, no one will be able to catch up to you.

You have an incredible knack for reading other people`s minds. You finish their sentences for them and predict what they are wearing, eating or thinking. This special power may be fun for you, but try to remember that telepathic contact makes certain people uncomfortable. It`s better to speak before acting, even when you know you`re doing the right thing. You may want to wait a few days while someone gets used to an idea.
Get ready to have a great day. You find yourself surrounded by people who want to be close to you. You become the center of attention when you begin to supply a common demand with your surplus. There is tremendous power in being so needed, but be careful not to take advantage of someone who is willing and able to help you. If you ever wanted people to listen to you, this is the time. Get your ideas out into the open so they can be admired.

You find yourself fighting the voice of authority. You are surprised when you realize that your legs have tensed from your brain`s fight-or-flight messages. Whatever you do, resist the urge to run away from your problems. Embrace the logical understanding that it`s better to face a problematic situation than to flee from it. A moment of laughter returns lightness to your feet. You feel a sense of relief when you realize there is another option.
Don`t be afraid to go with the flow right now. Let yourself drift with the current because you know exactly where it is taking you. Release all of your tensions and you will feel at one with the Universe. There is a certain relief when you realize you don`t have to be all things to everyone. Tonight, you feel sensual and onstage with every motion you make. With apparent unconcern, you keep one eye on the clock. Better late than never.

Keeping an open mind gets you through the day with flying colors. Be ready for a big change even if you don`t know what it will be. Don`t act concerned on the outside even if you are on the inside. Things have a way of working out for the best right now. At work, keep all accounts current whether you are the provider or the consumer. Your quick thinking and decisive action are an inspiration to others.
Change is on the horizon and approaching you. A brand-new beginning takes the sting out of a potentially painful ending. Let yourself flow with the changes. The less time you spend resisting the inevitable, the more energy you have for discovery. Dwelling on the past is sure to put you in a bad mood. Look to the future and feel your hopes rise at the possibilities. You don`t have to figure it all out right this very moment.